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If you would like to find out more about the tailored services we can offer to your business, please contact us to work out a schedule that fits in with you and your business.

On-Site Massage

I first received reflexology from Anne Frances several years ago when I was very stressed at work and in my personal life. I found that it helped enormously in dealing with my stress levels. I have tried various treatments from other therapists, but Anne Frances would always be my therapist of choice. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Joanne Laird

In the Workplace

Help reduce absenteeism and improve health and well-being at work

Statistics reveal that 75% of staff absenteeism is stress related. What better way to help lower these absenteeism figures by providing therapies in the workplace and improving staff morale at the same time!

Also available for Health Awareness Events, Training Seminars, PR promotions - We can be there to provide therapy sessions throughout the day.

Perfect as part of a Corporate Entertaining Event, treat your potential customers to some Complementary Therapies.

There are many benefits of providing therapies to employees:

  • Reduced staff stress levels
  • Could help contribute to lower absenteeism
  • Revitalised and healthier employees
  • Increased concentration and productivity
  • Relieves tension and muscular aches
  • Employees feel valued
  • Boosts staff morale
  • Affordable

About the service

  • Sessions can be for 15, 20 or 30 minutes to fit in with the needs of the working day
  • All therapists are fully qualified and insured
  • Therapists will provide all equipment, all that is required from your company is a room
  • The service can be provided on a one-off basis or as a regular visit, weekly, monthly, bi-monthly to suit the requirements of the company
  • Cost can be met by either the staff or wholly by the company as part of a well-being programme, or it can be subsidised by the company with staff paying a proportion
  • An appointment sheet will be provided and staff can put their name forward for a suitable time slot to suit their work commitments
  • A consultation form will be completed by staff prior to their first treatment in order for the therapist to check for any contra indications; this ensures a safe and suitable treatment for each employee
  • On-site massage, Indian head massage, Reiki and Reflexology are perfect and practical therapies for the workplace and therapists will be qualified in at least two of the therapies

To find out more on how AFM Complementary Therapies can be of service to your organisation, please contact us.

Healthier staff are happier staff... and vice versa!